Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am sitting here in my office that I just spent two days painting. I am SO TIRED. I painted with my husband for quite a few years until I wisened up and got a job where I wouldn't have to slosh through mud to slink into the nearest port-a-potty shared by thirty other men from the surrounding construction sites. I wonder if that is why I have so many recurring nightmares that I am in a filthy bathroom. It has become a major phobia for me. ( That and the mud-- I hate mud) But it makes me seriously appreciate having a job with access to one of the prettiest, CLEANEST, and genteel bathrooms you've ever seen. And the toilets even flush (gasp!) and I can actually wash my hands (wow!) AND IT EVEN HAS A BUILT IN AIR FRESHENER that sneezes out sweet smells every fifteen minutes. And get this--it has a Victorian sitting area for nursing mothers with a little fireplace and everything. I don't know if life could get any better.


1/ Food to eat
2/ Clothes to wear
3/ Freedom
4/My husband
5/ Feeling hopeful
6/ My dog
7/Opportunities to sing

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bye Bye Blog????

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Time has sped on by... I really wanted to get rid of my blog but for some reason I can't seem to do it. It would be so simple, but SOMETHING is holding me back. Maybe one day I will wake up and just delete it. I just don't really have anything to write about, and if I do have something, it isn't something I want anyone to read.

I'm kind of tired of doing things I don't want to do.

Gratitude for Friday:

1/ I am grateful I have more energy today.
2/I am grateful that Tooele is growing so at least there is one decent clothing store now, and not just WalMart.
3/I am grateful that I get to go see Seussical tomorrow night. I have never seen it, and I am really going to make more of an effort to see shows that my friends are in. I regret so much the shows I have missed because once they are over, that's it. I can go see a movie anytime.
4/ I am grateful I have two new musical albums coming in the mail. My collection is growing!
5/ I am grateful for The Firm with Sandahl Bergman. I don't know a better workout video out there.