Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bandwagon Blog

I am jumping on the bandwagon of bloggers I've read recently who write out what they do in a day- i.e., their daily routine. Problem is I don't have daily routine to really speak of, but I will attempt to flesh it out for you.

8:00 or so: wake up and snuggle with the Mudgie ( my dog) He is especially sweet when he wakes up and will give us lots of kisses which he never otherwise does. Take him out for the morning potty, and praise him heartily when he returns from the event. ( he knows he's a good boy and shows it)
After this I usually eat. Food is the first thing on my mind in the morning, and since I don't work everyday, is many times the one reason I have to get out of bed ( besides the dog). Boy I sure love Great Grains with Pecans, although on my good days I eat oatmeal and fruit when I have the time to cook it. I have been avoiding oatmeal lately because I only like the kind you get at the Welfare Cannery and I am out and have to rely on the sick big -oat oatmeal you get at the grocery store. So I opt for my yummy pecan cereal instead. I really need to take a trip to the cannery but it sure depresses me. ( I hate wearing a hair cap.. I feel so lunch lady-- do any of you know what I am talking about????) But I digress.
On my really good girl days I next vocalize. Right now I am working on some music for a concert I am soloing in next week, so I am extra motivated since I am singing opera for the first time in years and I am freaked out enough to practice.
Then the dreaded shower. I hate to shower. I just takes so long to get ready. I need to simplify somehow, because sometimes it just doesn't even happen. ( more days than I care to admit) My hair is getting longer and thicker, takes forever to dry, and some days there is just no point because I don't really go anywhere.

After that I usually clean my house. Laundry... I love to do laundry. I am always up for a load of laundry, especially in the morning. The sound of the washer going really makes me feel like I am up and at 'em. Then I write in my morning pages ( something I am supposed to do when I first wake up) pray, and read scriptures. My scripture study usually consists of opening a random page and reading a verse or two while I eat a meal. It is so pathetic and I have guilt over it.

As I do with a lot of things.

Next is my job in SLC ( which I don't want to talk about) then home for a quick couple of hours, then back to SLC rehearsal for the third production of the Secret Garden. I am officially sick of the Secret Garden.

But evening is when I truly have a routine, more or less. I get home from rehearsal at about 10:38. My hubby has long since gone to bed, and the puppy knows that this is his time with me. We play, he eats, I give him his Kong ( a treat- stuffed dog puzzle) check my email, phone messages, and get ready for bed. I love the nighttime and stay up way longer than I should. It's quiet and peaceful, I don't feel guilt that I should be doing something else with the day, because the day is almost over and I shouldn't be expected to start anything too strenuous before bed, should I???

My life is extremely good but I still manage to feel like the world's biggest loser. I honestly don't know what to do about that. I gotta stop it.

There you have it.

Gratitude for Today
1/My totally incredible kind supportive loving husband
2/ The new pot for my plant
3/wonderful scents ( food, spiced wassail candles, coconut lime verbena)
4/classical music
5/public radio and television

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Realization

My husband and I went on a hike today. It was a big day because I have been trying to get him to go on a hike with me for years, and I've yearned for a partner because it's not something I want to do alone-- I have rather large phobias about being attacked in the mountains, or else getting lost or something. I've dragged both of my sisters out on hikes, but I always though it would be so romantic to go with my old man. Somehow or other we both found ourselves with a day off, looking at each other and deciding what to do that didn't consist of sitting on the couch watching reruns on the DVR. I suggested a hike, and to my utter shock he agreed to go. I hurried and packed a lunch and we went on a beautiful hike with our puppy, the fall colors vivid and the cool mountain air wafting all around. We were immersed in a deep and meaningful conversation about life, all I ever dreamed of was coming true, and then.... I got cold. And man, that hike was a lot longer than I remembered-- my dog was whining, and the mountain was dark and all I could think about was my warm house and bed. I felt sort of urgent inside myself to get home, and we decided to turn around. Making our way back down I came to a sad conclusion about myself-- I don't like hiking after all. I'd much rather have stayed in bed. ( How sad is that?????)

Gratitude for Tuesday
1/ Being warm
2/ Sausage ( I wish I didn't love it so much)
3/ My new grey pants
4/ Beautiful music to sing
5/ the color orange ( Especially this time of year-- it's so intense)