Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hi again

I forgot I had a blog. My friend Sara moved to New York and is hinting she wants to start one, to which I say "YES" so I can follow her adventures. Which got me to thinking..."Wait a minute!" I have adventures too! (sometimes, not the New York kind, but in my own way I do ) and maybe I can actually articulate them in a place where those who might condescend to stop here can read and follow. (again, they are not ever going to be exciting, not if I can help it!)

So, here I am after a lengthy absence. What has happened??? I started the U of U this fall as a new and fresh man, and it has been really hard, but good. I am about thirteen years older than most of my classmates, and honestly, I find it a touch frustrating (though there are more my age than I thought there would be, which is good). I have never been one for school, and was an extreme disliker of all things high school, and I find there to be more similarities to the high school scene than I had hoped. But what did I expect?
But the actual program itself, the Actors Training Program, is so far much to my liking. Except when I have to make up a movement piece that shows the real me to my class. That was rather petrifying, I don't quiet know how I did it.
I am shy, and I am an aspiring actor/singer/performer... tell me how those work together. Seriously, someone tell me.

Gratitude for Wednesday
I'm grateful it was a happy day- for no reason at all, a good day sprang up out of the blue in the middle of lots of crap days.
I'm grateful my house was cleaned today (not by me, which is even more reason for gratitude)
I'm grateful I actually talked to some people today.
I'm grateful there is a glimmer of hope that Rex might actually get some real help for this hellish business that is running him, and running me...