Monday, July 31, 2006

An unwelcome guest

I went outside the other day through my front door, and I noticed a THING up in the corner of my porch roof. At first I thought it was a wasp or hornet's nest, but upon closer examination, it was NOT. It was brown, furry and bigger than anything had a right to be sitting up there like that. I thought maybe it was some sort of mutant beetle, because it was kind of rounded, but I wasn't about to find out on my own. I waited for my brave man to come home and take care of it for me. His solution was to spray the thing with the bug spray we've been using to kill all the earwigs we've been inundated with this summer ( the grodiest bugs ever-- I hate them)

The moment he hit the thing with the spray, I somehow knew exactly what it was by the way it sort of shifted. It was a little brown bat, hangin' upside down taking a nap. I think we hurt it with the bug spray, and it made me so sad because it wasn't in anyone's way up there. But we must have made it feel most unwelcome, because it left sometime during nightfall. I must say, I am glad it's gone- what do you do when someone comes to your door and a bat swoops around their head? Creepsville. I'd feel like we lived in Dracula's castle or something. But it sure was a cute little thing. Why can't bats be pets? They'd be so crazy, hanging all over your house.

1/I'm grateful my sister made it back safely from Inja.
2/I'm grateful that I could get the curtains hung in my bedroom.
They look so pretty
3/I'm grateful that I am still 29 for another couple of months... hanging
on by a thread!
4/I'm grateful that my Young Women's activity is over for the month. I'm burned out.
5/ I am grateful for make-up. I know it's vain, but what do you do? It helps.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today on Animal Rescue....

I have had many interesting animal experiences here in my crazy town. I've already written about the neighborhood- roaming pig, but did I mention the runaway goat that got stuck in my stairwell? Or the pigeon I found maliciously tied up by some sicko so it couldn't fly? Or else the peacock moseyin' around our yard????? ( I don't know the exact purpose for someone keeping a peacock, but you'd be surprised what animals people keep as pets or whatever out here.) And holy cow, how many times have there been horses on the loose around here? Scares me to death. They're so BIG.

Well, today I had an animal experience that could've happened anywhere. Some kids in my neighborhood found a wounded hummingbird sitting by the stop sign at the end of our street. It didn't move, so they picked it up. They didn't know what to do with it, so their mom told them to bring it to me. ( My neighbors think I know something about animals, I have no idea why they would think that except that I have a dog..) Anyway, I told them I would take it, without the slighest clue what to do. I looked at it for about a half an hour, then I picked it up ( so cute!) and spoonfed it some sugar water. Oh! You can't believe the adorableness! This bird was so beautiful, so trusting, and so small that I just sat there and held it for over an hour, giving it little sips of water every few minutes and petting it's tiny head. I discovered that hummingbirds have a tiny long tongue that laps? up the nectar, something I never knew before. This particular hummingbird had a row of purple feathers on the neck and looked like it was wearing a choker. It was amazing. Its favorite position when I was holding it was to perch on my finger, it's tiny talons somehow holding on and keeping balance.

After a while I decided I needed to find a place to take it to .... I remembered a bird rehabilation center I had heard about, and the sweet thing could not fly. It could flap its wings, but there was something faulty about one of them. I made a few calls and found a lady that had a wildlife rehabilition place not too far from me, so I packed up the poor thing up and took it to her. Apparently I wasn't supposed to be holding it and feeding it... she said to put it in a quiet, dark place so it wouldn't get too stressed and well, I didn't and so what do you do? Now I know better-- but I felt so glad to help the darling thing. Hummingbirds have always been a bit of an obsession with me, I think they are so amazing. Hopefully it will recover and get better, there is something so fragile and sweet about them. They're just so mini!

Anywho, that is my crazy animal experience for this month, stay tuned cuz I'm sure there will be more!

P.S. About that pigeon... I took it to the vet and we got it out of the trap and it flew away happily-- another happy bird rescue!!! Perhaps I should go into business.

Gratitude for Tuesday-
1. I'm grateful for sugar free chocolate chip cookies. ( since I stopped eating sugar, that is the thing I miss the most)
2. I'm grateful I am learning (sort of ) how to sew.
3. I'm grateful that my puppy is getting his hair cut tomorrow.
4.I'm grateful that someone else is doing it cause all he does is bite me when I try to do any grooming. Such a bad puppykins!
5. I'm grateful for central air. I am so spoiled.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

True Friend

There are some people in your life who you just feel were sent specifically to be there for you... I don't know if that is true or not, but I feel it today. I don't want to sound corny and say that they are angels, but what is another word ??? Nice people who are there for you? I guess the best word for it is a friend-- of the truest kind. There is a lady in my town who is that kind of person for me... it is uncanny how she is there when I need it the most. My hubby and I sometimes just laugh at how amazing she is. She is the Young Women's President in our ward, a mother of eight, involved in just about everything you could be in, and she still has time to be my friend... and I, with my crazily non-stressful life, --- well, lets just say I am not the most perfect friend, and I could take a few pointers from her.

The main thing about living out in our small countryish town is that I don't mesh with too many people here, i.e., I don't have many friends. Sometimes I would like to know more people, but many people here are related and are very close-knit, and don't really need any outsiders like me. Then there's also the fact that I just don't get them. They are some strange kind of breed, and I start to get to know them, but then realize I don't know how to get along with their kind. I have had problems with this ever since we moved here over five years ago, and it is a great cause of grief to me, mainly because I just get lonely. Even though I have dear friends and family in Salt Lake, it really makes a difference if you can have people in your immediate proximity to depend on for some social interaction and support.
Anyway, back to my Friend. I was feeling especially leperous and lonely today ( do I repel people with my personality? I've done so before) when I went to this lady's house to borrow some keys to get into our ward building. Since I am in Young Women's with this lady I tend to see her multiple times in a week, and so when she opened the door I asked " Are you sick of me yet?" thinking she would just laugh and say something polite like, "Silly girl!" Instead, she just smiled, and gave me a HUG. Never have I needed a hug more, and never has something so small meant so much to me. It said "You are someone I like to see, someone I like to be around, and are not the pathetic loser you think you are" right when I was SURE I was the opposite. I am not going to post any gratitude today because that counts for all five....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I got on here to write, and I have nothing to say. I decided to change my template, and now I feel like I had to write something, but there is absolutely nothing going on in my life. I guess that is what is called limbo. I am not sure what each day is going to bring. Looking back, I realize in my life I most of the time go where the wind takes me. I go through times where I am pretty good at having a routine, but that has so gone out the window anymore. It's mainly because my moods change at the speed of light, and I don't know how to make any plans because who knows what I will feel like doing two days from now. Today I might feel like being a singer, tomorrow I may want to buy a horse and take up horseback riding, then the next day I want a baby. But usually you need to have a drive and focus that keeps you going from day to day, or nothing ever happens. It takes years and planning for some things to come to fruition. Maybe that is why I am almost thirty and have never had many accomplishements or direction in life. The only thing that seems to be a constant in my life is music and theater, even that comes in spurts. I wonder if I will still be feeling this way when I am an old lady. I keep wondering when my life will start, and in reality, maybe this is all it is, just figuring it out as you go, never really knowing what the hell you are doing.

1/ I'm SO grateful Lolly is okay in Mumbai... I want her to come home.
2/I'm grateful for my nieces. They are my pals.
3/I'm grateful I don't have to work full time. That is such a blessing, cuz when else would I sing? Or cook? Or clean?
4/ I'm grateful that my sister is here from Morocco. It's so fun to have family in town.
5/I'm grateful for my car so it can get me out of this town--and back again.