Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Meandering milk

Yesterday there was a cow in my backyard. When I first saw it, it was just sitting there, on the back half of the acre. The funny thing is, it took me a minute to realize it probably shouldn't be there. It looked so natural and relaxed- very at home. I am so used to having strange animals around ( as you may have discovered in me previous posts) that I didn't immediately feel panicked like I did a few years ago when there was a goat down my stairwell. But that's another story. Although... both the goat and cow stories have striking similarities. Both times I called the cops, both times they told me that Wally, the guy who is equipped to come and collect large animals, ( like cows and goats) only works every other day. And wouldn't you know it, both times happened to be Wally's day off, so I am stuck with a large animal that I have no idea what to do with. And both times the animals wandered off. Because both times I tried to get near them and tie them up till help could come, they would run away. I wrote our local paper a sort of gripey letter back during the goat incident, saying that we needed better animal control. The sheriff's department called me all concerned because they printed my letter in the editorial section and apparently made them look bad, which I really didn't mean to do. I was just mad that I had spent an hour cleaning up after the goat's poopies in my stairwell. I had to vent to somebody, and a letter to the editor seemed like the natural place to send it. But here's the funny thing: when the sheriff's department called me back when they discovered my letter about the goat, they told me they would get better equipment to collect stray animals larger than dogs... BUT THEY DIDN"T. Because when I talked to Deputy whoever yesterday ( four years later) about the cow, they said they couldn't come get him because they didn't have the equipment to collect large farm animals. Isn't that just like politics? Makin' us all these promises they don't intend to keep, just to get our votes. I am so disillusioned. All over a cow.

Gratitude for April 4
1/creative outlets
2/my job
4/another day w/my puppy
5/Hires french fries ( I always have to add some kind of food)