Friday, January 12, 2007

Woe is me

So this month I am a costumer. How did I get here? I am a costumer who cannot sew. Okay, here's the story. I am in a play for a brand new theater company of which I am a part. By that I mean that I actually have a part in their very first play, "Arcadia", and I am an ensemble member, which means that I take part in bi-monthly workshops, and such. The group is called the Pinnacle Acting Company, and I am actually not sure how on earth I got hooked up with it. Yes, I've been performing quite steadily the past few years, but things have taken a direction I am not sure I want to go in, but that I am also rather excited about. Or at least I thought I was excited... right now I am really overwhelmed and tired. Because , as I said, I am also in charge of costumes, and it has turn into a much more massive project than I ever dreamed, and I feel drained and lonesome as a result. Why does costuming make me feel lonely??? I do not like to be in charge for one thing. I want people to take care of me, not me taking care of them! Costumers are notorious in the theater world for being very grouchy and mean, and I am starting to understand why. It is dang hard to find everybody something that fits, and to find time to fit them and to find something that is the correct time period... I have been all over town pulling costumes and I don't even feel like I have scratched the surface. I should look at the bright side, see all that I have accomplished so far, but all I can think about is how much more I have to do. And that is just the costumes-then there is the memorizing of lines, character development, selling tickets, printing programs, and dealing with my feelings of complete inadequacy as an actor and just a freakin' person in general. What was that noise? I think I hear violins playing for me... waa waa.

I told you this is where I come to vent...

Gratitude for Friday-
1/Bunny tracks sugar-free ice cream
2/the fact that I did find some perfect
costumes for my character today
3/the other fact that its Friday
4/my cute new haircut & color- it was
way past time
5/my cute dad