Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It is snowing today and I am highly upset. I can relate very well to the wet cats sitting across the street on my neighbors porch. They are so miserable. It's one of those wet, soggy, sloshy snows and for some reason it is out to get me. It has gotten under my skin from the moment I woke up. I've known and have been preparing mentally for this storm for a week, so you'd think I would have accepted it by now. I haven't. It's time for spring to come and to stay, so I can go outside, and do the "dump in my backyard" clean-up. Yes, I have a miniature landfill that is located about thirty yards from the back of my house. Old rusted metal, barbed wire, tires, boards, you name it, it has been laying there rusting for who knows how many years before we moved here. I think that is one of the reasons we got our land for such a great deal. Somehow it hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would. When we first moved in, we called the county health department to put the heat on our neighbors to get rid of it. ( the pile straddles the property line between us, but it's their pile...) Anyway, their solution was to light it on fire, which reduced it to about half it's size. Now all that is left is the inflammable material, and that never did get cleaned up. I guess the county gave up on their threatenings. I am secretly glad they did, because I have decided this spring to clean it up myself, since obviously I am the only one around here that wants it gone. Each week I fill the garbage can up with the refuse, and slowly but surely it is getting a bit smaller. There are a few huge pieces that we will have to haul to the dump, but I am having so much fun. Since we don't have our landscaping put in yet, there hasn't been any reason for me to work outside, and now this dump pile has given me an excuse. It also is extremely satisfying, getting rid of crap that has been sitting there rusting for years. I take my puppy out with me, and we enjoy the beautiful spring weather, the meadowlarks singing, the sun shining down on us...

Then all of a sudden, it decides to stop being spring and snow sogginess all over the place. Grrrrrr.