Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just finished eating my nightly peanut butter and honey open-faced sandwich. I do not know when I am going to outgrow them. I have probably eaten an average of one peanut butter sandwich per day my entire life. Do I admit that I have a problem? Yes. It's not only the frequency with which I have eaten them that makes me know it's not normal, but it's also the fact that I have perfected the art of pb & h sandwich- making to a tee. That's sad.

Recipe for Success

2 slices sprouted wheat Grandma Sycamore bread
peanut butter (chunky--you know it)

Place one slice of bread on a flat surface, and slather on a generous amount of peanut butter with a knife, taking care not to tear apart the bread. Drizzle honey on top of peanut butter, approximately one tablespoon. Spread evenly over peanut butter, top with remaining slice of bread. Place sandwich in the microwave for 25 seconds ( no more) let sit for 30 seconds. Serve with tall glass of 1% milk.

To me the only thing better than peanut butter is melted peanut butter & honey together. If that ain't comfort food, I do not know what is. Oh I'm a sick girl all right. But it's the only food that does the trick. I just remembered there is a picture of me when I am about four or five where I am holding an open-faced peanut butter sandwich with a big Miss Piggy smile on my face. Some things never change.

I am grateful for the chance I have to make new memories in a new house
I am grateful tomorrow is finally Friday. I finally got my hubby to agree hike to Timpanogos Cave with me.
I am grateful my whole family decided to join us in the fun.
I am grateful for Mozart's Requiem
I am grateful it's time to go the cabin once more. I can't wait to get up there. (maybe that is why this is my favorite time of year)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Media Overload

So I have been on the computer way past my self-imposed bedtime, reading blogs. I have never ever been on the computer more than when I started this blog. I used to avoid the internet like the plague, because my throat always tenses up, and my mild ADD kicks in because I am sitting still for more than ten minutes at a time ( the 2 1/2 hour nap I took today doesn't count for sitting still, does it?) But blogs... I could read them forever, and get totally sucked in. It's just not like me...

----OR IS IT????

Thinking back throughout my life, I have been sucked in to many various and sundry forms of media. Growing up, it was books, movies, video games, computer games, and TEE VEE. In high school I would escape the misery of that time period by watching soap operas... one summer I watched SIX HOURS of soap operas a day. My schedule would start at 10:00 am with Young and the Restless, and I would keep it going from there. 11:00- All My Children 12:00- As the World Turns 1:00 General Hospital 2:00 Another World ... I'd top it off with my all-time favorite at 3:00... Days of Our Lives. When I finally emerged from our basement, my dad would make some clever comment on the glazed look I had in my eyes. Why he didn't do anything more than comment I don't know, but I wish now that he would have intervened and somehow put a stop to it all. ( and I wonder why I have ADD)

As for movies, we would watch the same movie over and over until we had it memorized, and the strangest thing was that they were usually these old depressing movies, like Wuthering Heights w/ Laurence Olivier, and Gone with the Wind ( which is still one of my favorites ever) w/ Vivian Leigh. I just don't understand our fascination with them, and why we didn't watch normal kids movies? Anywho, then there were books... I would read romance novels for hours on the weekend ( another escape) and I remember playing Nintendo at my best friends house for hours and days it seemed, and then computer games at my other best friend's. What a childhood!

So I guess I do have a bit of a history getting sucked into time-gulping pasttimes, but somehow blogs seem to have a little more meaning than some of my other addictions. It's all about progress, not perfection, right? (I would like to add that I have been soap-free and romance-novel-free for over ten years- That's what I'm talking about)

Now it's REALLY past my bedtime.

Gratitude for today

1/ I'm grateful for the chicken curry dish I made and froze months ago...I was out of dinner ideas and it saved the day. 2/I'm grateful that I took my wedding ring in to be checked, cuz the diamond was loose (again). I hope they can fix it. 3/ I'm grateful that I could get my hair done because my grays are making me feel old. 4/ I need to be grateful that I even have hair. I would much rather be gray than bald. 5/ I am grateful that I have a built-in voice teacher for a dad.. he is the best. So is my piano playing Mom. She is always there for me. Thank you, Lord for my parents. I need to appreciate them more than I do.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Wait up, World!

I am feeling blog-deficient. I am too lazy to figure out how to put links to my site, and don't know the first thing about putting pictures in my posts. I would much rather just enjoy other people's fanciness, rather that learn. I know, I am technically retarded, and worse, I don't do anything about it. I think that is the story of my life... being behind. I don't know how to keep up with the world in general... I am always a few steps behind everyone else. I could go into detail but I won't, because when I do I fall into a deep depression, and I am already on the verge as it is.

Gratitude for today: 1/ my sweetest- ever puppy and his morning bed-hair 2/my hubby who brought me the most amazing bouquet out of the blue ( the lilies are incredible) 3/my house--it's coming together, finally! 4/my washer and dryer-- ( although I do miss my old laundromat) 5/ the color purple (not the movie)