Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eternal Fall

So my favorite fall in history is now over. Not my favorite fall event-wise, but my favorite fall weather-wise. Usually autumn in Utah is very short and disappointing...but this year? It stretched from early September until just a few days ago when we got our first snowstorm. AFTER thanksgiving, even. There is something so incredibly invigorating about the fall. Maybe it's because it's my birthday-time ( October) or maybe it's such a relief after the long stiflingly hot summers. My perfect weather is about 70-75 degrees and sunny... not summer-sunny, but fall- sunny-- there is a distinct difference. The sun is more intense in the fall, I swear. And the sunflowers this year.... vibrant city. We get incredible sunflowers along the highways and the mountains. One day I was walking along my favorite dirt trail up from my house, and I walked through a grove of sunflowers with the afternoon sun shining through them and I had to stop and cry I was so happy. I seriously couldn't take in the happiness. And as there were a few bitter moments this fall, (as I said, event-wise, it wasn't the best) the beauty of the season was a constant comfort for me. It is strange, but I am sure that is why I appreciated it more. Sometimes I notice the simple beauties of life more when I am struggling with something. Sad, but true.

Goodbye, best fall ever. I will miss all the orange.

Gratitude for Thursday:

1/ My funnest friend from the cast called me today and said he would
be able to come to the cast party I am having at my house tomorrow. I
am so glad is able to make it. He is hilarious.
2/This sounds weird, but I am grateful I saw some peacocks perched atop some
huge trees by our church yesterday. They are owned by the people living in the house below the trees, but I don't know why or how they got up there. I didn't know they could fly that high, and what on earth were they doing? They looked like those vultures from Jungle Book sittin' on a bare tree, only they were peacocks. Can someone please explain this to me? It was so cool and entertaining. I've learned so much about birds living here.
3/I am grateful for leftover night. It's great to not have to cook AND to get rid of all the food in the fridge. Make way for the new!
4/I am grateful my hubster and I are going on a short getaway for our anniversary. It's hard to have an anniversary in December. I can imagine how people w/ birthdays in December feel.
5/I am grateful for my cutest fluffiest puppykins. It's unbearable how much I love him.

Friday, November 10, 2006

There's no business....

It's the eve of the final day of yet another production... and this one has been especially intense. I have learned so much about myself and my limitations, vocally and otherwise. This is both a good and a bad thing. Another good and bad thing is that I have met some amazing people who I am going to sorely miss. ( good that I met them, bad that I won't see them anymore.) The one consolation is that next week I am going to New York with a friend from the cast... I can hardly wait.

What has made this show so intense??? It's hard to say, but mainly the fact that it seems to have gobbled up most of my energy and time since August. I won't know what to do with myself when it's officially over. It's strange how we adjust. It almost killed me at first to give up all of that time, and now I am almost counting on my crazy schedule. Theater is completely nuts. You go through this intense experience with a group of people, and get to know them in a way that you don't even know your closest friends or relatives, and then it ends. Not just the relationships, but the show, too. This creation that you work so hard to put together, the costumes, make-up, hair, characters, music, dancing, and all of the sudden- POOF! It's gone... and all you have left are a few pictures and lots of memories. And the next question is always... what's next????

That's what I'd like to know!!!

1. My new luggage (purple, of course!)
2. Being home
3. Forgiveness ( I sure need it often)
4. seeing friends I hadly ever see
5. stuffed mushrooms