Monday, February 04, 2008

Mr. Pollyanna

So I was driving my voice teacher to the bank today after our lesson ( it's not very Christian, but I intenstly dislike giving him a ride-he's pretending he still lives in New York where you can get by without a car without inconviencing anyone, plus he's my voice teacher and I think it's unprofessional to ask your student for a ride) and I was really trying hard to make conversation. When you are trying to make small talk to someone you don't really connect socially with, you comment on the weather right? I was talking about how happy I was that the snow had cleared up this afternoon, because it has been awful lately- we have had so much snow, and I am so so tired of it. And what a lot of people say around here when we complain about the weather is that we should be so grateful because come summer we will be really glad we had this winter, we need the water etc, etc. Which is what I used to say. Until I said that to a hairdresser once, and she said " I hate it when people say that!!!" I normally would have been offended by this, but the way she said it wasn't offensive, and I thought about that today when Mr. Cheery was trying to look at the bright side of this most depressing and unending snow. He went on and on about how awful the drought has been, and it just said to me- "You are depressing, and negative, and I am going to show you the bright side of all this beautiful white stuff so you can appreciate it in a new way, because you obviously don't, you drought lover"
And I had to agree w/ my hairdresser- I hate it when people say that we need the snow!!!!! Especially people who don't have a car and don't have to risk their lives driving in it!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

Gratitude for today
1-I am grateful the snow cleared up today and the sun peeked out, you!
2-I am grateful that I finally had the motivation to add my links so I can keep better tabs with you all- Sorry its taken so long!
3-I'm grateful for the delicious dinner compliments of Siegfried's. Their sourdough bread, sauerkraut, and Weiswurst (spelling, Lolly?) is so heavenly.
4-I'm grateful for the tulips I have blooming by my kitchen sink.
5-I'm grateful I let go of the idea of studying tonight. It's just not going to happen, and I am glad to accept the fact.
6. Okay, I'm not grateful for the snow right at this precise moment, but I do like having water to drink- there, I did it!!