Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is my dog.....

The sunshine of my life, and the bain of my existence.

The reason I write five things I am grateful for in this blog is because of my tendency to be ungrateful. I have been making it a point not to be grateful just to be grateful, but to look around and what really is fabulous in my life, and to realize how happy it makes me. For instance, Traddles. I am so grateful (mostly!) for my little dog. He is a pain in the arse, but he is so freaking cute. I appreciate so much his little face, how such a creature could come into existence and brighten mine. I have had him for almost six years, and every day he makes me smile. He is spoiled, bad, and he bites me when I try to brush his teeth or his hair, ( or put leg warmers on him) but it's all my fault. I feed his badness, and have created a little two pound monster. He knows he has me wrapped around his cute little paw. When I am at school or otherwise bored, I doodle pictures of Traddles in my notebook. I can't draw to save my life, but am amazed at how well I capture his essence. I will need to be committed to a mental hospital the day he leaves this world, if it is without me. It is sick, I know-- we have a very unhealthy relationship, he and I. But we need each other, and I am grateful to be needed by a creature as swell as he is. I think that suffices for my gratitude for today, don't you think?


Saroo said...

Seriously, Traddles is THE cutest dog I have ever seen. He reminds me a bit of a white version of Hercules.

So cute.

Terri said...

Oh Lidder!!!!
I love Traddles! Remember when we went to Liberty Park with you and Traddles and Willow wanted to take him home to keep? Sooo adorable.
Give him a kiss from us... He may be spoiled, but everything that is loved SHOULD be spoiled a little now and again!

AWSOME said...

It's so nice to se Traddles, I'm glad his leg is better. In my opinion, he looks exactally like, but a taller and skinners version, of Max. And remember to be gratefull for Rex! And me too!!!!

Sydney says hi to Traddles!!!